What's Mock Drill?

1. Was there a time when you gave an exam and realised that you made lots of mistakes which you could have avoided if you would get another chance?

2. Wish if you could know how strong are the preparation of other candidates who are preparing for the same exams?

3. Want to know where you are lagging behind in your preparation?

4. Or , wish to know your present global rank among all candidates who are going to apear in the same exam as of now?.

MockDrill , is solution to all of these along with millions of other things like you can hide quetsions from listing that you have learnt 100 times and save your time to read that again at the time of revision, Can make list of similar quetions that you want and mark them read. Here you can earn points, know your rank globally by apearing into real time exam scenario by signing up for MockDrill.
What's more? Sign up to know and explore , ocean of unlimited opportunities.

And did I mention ? Its all for FREE. :-)

Enjoy , Suggest or report contact@cyberoaks.com